Aaron, 38 years old, 5' 10", 160lbs.

Aaron is one of the straight guys who answered an ad for bondage modeling. He's a football player and coach for high school sports. He asked for a glass of wine to help him relax for the shoot, in the end, it was more than one glass. The reuslt of which is a drowsy model, who let himself be led to the bed and undressed as he lay there.

Once tied in a spread eagled position on the bed, he was subjected to stimulation along his thighs which soon elicited a response from his cock. His legs and feet were respositioned and tied together froggy style and his cock and balls were trussed up too which really made his hardon swell to impressive proportions.

Soon he was moaning past a gag made from his underwear. His breathing quickened as his arousal grew more intense from the milking. The slow and firm milking along with the long build up of tying him up resulted in a river of jism. After he was untied, Aaron remarked he'd never had such an intense orgasm before, guess these straight guys have a thing or two to learn.

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