Andrew, 33 years old, 5' 8", 165lbs.

Andrew returns for more abuse. This young stud is cuffed, blindfolded and ball-gagged while his legs are spread apart forcibly and kept apart by a spreader bar; leaving his inner thighs vulnerable to tickling. Although Andrew gets very turned on by bondage, his torment is heightened by the sadistic frustration of a cock cage to keep him from achieving an erection. The stallion cock cage is kinda shaped like the wire cage that keeps a champagne cork on the bottle. A rather appropreate resemblance as the cock cage keeps this stallion from popping his cork as well.

Some skillfull teasing of his nipples and balls and soon there was a copious pool of precum on the floor as Andrew groaned and whimpered with frustration. Even though this stud wasn't allowed to get fully hard, his balls were churning out gallons of precum. He was super horny and blue-balled by the end of the session.

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