Andrew, 33 years old, 5' 8", 165lbs.

Andrew is put on display naked, blindfolded with his legs kept apart with a spreader bar attached to his ankles. His hands are put into leather mitts to increase his feeling of vulnerability, he can't even try to use his hands to get free. Strung up overhead, his arms expose his armpits and torso, all his sensitive areas are fullt exposed.

Imagine what you would do with a stud like this, trussed up, helpless, unable to defend himself, unable to resist. You can grope and fondle his tight muscular body. Play with his cock and balls, massage his bubble butt, slip a finger or more into his warm puckered asshole. Lick and nibble on his sensitive nipples, force your fingers into his mouth, invade every orifice at your leisure.

Spank his ass till it glows cherry red. Cover his body with clothes pins then rip them all off with the piece of string attached to all of them. Flog his back or drip hot wax down it (then flog the dried wax off). Slowly milk his cock, keep him hard and dripping till his balls are blue and he begs to be allowed to cum. Where to start? Where to start?

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