Bertoldo?s submission
5"7", 150lbs

Bertoldo, a professional model, came to find out about bondage and see if this was something he could enjoy in days to come.

Bertoldo was apprehensive at first, then after the ropes begun to get tighter and tighter, he realized that there was not way out.

Submissive and hoping for the unexpected to be mild and not too severe, he had no choice.

Blindfolded and secure, the erotic touch and massage started. He tried to fight the sensations that his body was communicating to him but, the more the touching and teasing, the more his cock began to respond.

Then he was tied sitting down, the breathing got more and more heavy and finally, after massaging his cock with a nice lubricant, the lava begun to flow.

I am sure Bertoldo will be back.

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