Brad, 34 years old, 6' 2", 195lbs.

Brad is another local Bay Area escort who responded to an ad in the paper. He had never done any bondage before and was curious to try it. Brad's session was done in a different location than previous shoots. He arrived after his boxing training in San Francisco a little nervous but soon got into the swing of things once he was hooded and cuffed. He seemed to enjoy struggling in the cuffs and hood, flexing his biceps and wriggling helpless on the floor. When the hood came off, a rubber ball was quickly stuffed into his mouth to keep him quiet.

The stocks leaning against the wall in the corner had caught Brad's attention the moment he arrived. It wasn't long before he got a chance to feel what it was like to be in them. Stripped down to his sweaty jock strap, the heavy stocks wear placed on him. It was a very warm night as evidenced by the sweat running down his back.

Sweat was also pouring down Brad's hairy chest and abs, all the way down his muscular legs to his size 11 feet. The bit-gag seemed appropreate for this stud who grew up around horses, now he knows what it's like to be used as a beast of burden. Imagine Brad chained to a plough, being forced to pull it down the field in the blazing sun.

Being put in the stocks and having a bit-gag strapped to his face soon made Brad very aroused. The pouch of his jock began to balloon out as his erection strained against the sweat-stained fabric. He was moaning deliriously through his gag the harder he got. Soon it was time to pull off his jock to reveal his uncut cock. As his erection continued to harden, his foreskin pulled back unveiling a classically helmet-shaped dickhead. It wasn't long before his 'little soldier' was at full attention.

The photographer decided to try a new perspective in shooting Brad and found himself stepping into the picture quite literally. Brad was so aroused and horny by this time that his cock didn't seem to care what was rubbing and jerking it off. The fact that Brad couldn't play with himself seemed to only make him more sensitive to another man's touch on his hardon.

Stay tuned for video clips from this session and more of Brad in bondage!

You can contact Brad through his website at

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