Officer Brad, 34 years old, 6' 2", 195lbs.

We continue with Officer Brad's humiliation, as his uniform is peeled away to reveal more of his thick muscular body, a collar is put on this cop's neck and secured to the spreader bar. It's not long before his pants end up around his ankles and you'll get to see his hot ass hanging out of that jockstrap.

Brad's hardon strains against the fabric of his jockstrap's pouch as the camera continues to record his humiliation. Soon enough he's on his knees and those sunglasses come off to reveal his piercing brown eyes. He looks right into the camera and pleads with his eyes.

It isn't long before Brad's pleading moans indicate his erection is too painfully restrained by his jockstrap. His uncut cock is already so hard that the foreskin has pulled completely back from the glans. A piece of leather is tied around his cock and balls forcing his erection to harden even more, veins start popping all along the length of his shaft. It won't be long now before blue balls set in for this man in blue.

Stay tuned for Quicktime clips of Brad jerking himself off and then being forced to suck a cock that blows a wad all over Brad's handsome face.

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