Charles, 25 years old, 5' 11", 169 lbs.

Charles is a fitness instructor and has a solid, firm body.

He came here as a referral from a friend to check the site that is called and to see if he could model. Charles is straight, a lady?s man and very energetic person.

He decided to try something different and had some reservations at first. As he was shown the web site, Charles wanted to see the little work room where guys get tied up in all sorts of creative ways. He entered the room and had an expression of surprise and said ?Scary?. He sat on the only chair in the room with the door open and said, "OK, what's next?.

He was asked to remove his shirt with the 24 fitness logo. He hesitated but did it in the end. And as he kept nervously talking, slowly, a rope was tied to his hands after putting them together, and lifted over his head to reveal a set of bushy and sweaty armpits.

A Man smell began to permeate the air and the drops began to run down his torso as he looked up and down and said,? you got me now?.
Slowly his shoes and pants were removed, and he was made to lean against the slant board. He was retied and secured a lot tighter. Now was the time to experiment.

No response at the beginning and when pressure and pulling was done on his balls, his nicely shaped cock began to respond. He was retied with his arms down, the fun of tying his balls and descending the sac to the max was rewarded with a very stiff erection.

A rope was tied to the end of the shaft, divided in two and passed around the balls, braided and run back across the crack of his ass, this way the pressure on the perinea is high and the erection is kept at its max. Another rope tied around the glans of the head of his dick, lifted to a hook in the ceiling and stretching the entire organ in different directions. Now he's Ready for some tit work. Clamps of all kinds were used and all of them had him hissing and moaning. He was getting a little loud so a gag and blindfold became handy. Then, a very slow milking started. Charles was sweating very much and the scent in the room was fantastic.

As the milking continued, the many times that was stopped and started again, the more Charles wanted relief to no avail. This was repeated 6 times until the time came to reward him for his situation, a good and long orgasm was experienced and a warm and milky liquid came flowing out of the head of his dick as he yelled to the top of his lungs. The milking continued until he laid there exhausted accepting that he may have to do it all over again if he wanted to be let lose. He was correct in saying,? you got me now?.

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