Danny, 28 years old, 5', 9", 175lbs.

Danny is a martial arts instructor in the Bay Area, he's of mixed Chinese and Caucasian ethnicity. He is willing to try anything once. So, here he is, answering a modeling ad and rushing to my place. When I explained what I do, he thought it was funny yet he was willing to try.

I asked him to take his shirt off and so he did, then, I asked him to sit on the chair and started to tie his hands over his head. He seemed amused when I tied his feet and his legs so he only had limited movement. I started playing with his nipples using both of my hands, he quickly got a bulge in his pants. I undid the ropes of his legs and feet and took his pants off. Retying him a little more tightly, I began to tickle his feet. His cock jumped.

I tied his cock and the head of his dick. The more I tickled his pits and feet the less he laughed and more he moaned. This continued for 45 minutes until he begged for me to make him cum. When I finally had enough of fun tickling and torturing I let him cum. He erupted like a volcano, his body shook and came more in spurts. His yells were like a wolf in heat and his bonds did not allow him to move more than an inch.

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