David, 40 years old, 6' 2", 185lbs.

David is back for more abuse after his last encounter with ropes and forced milkings; he seems to be hooked on the experience of being made helpless and loosing control of his arousal. Rightaway he is stripped out of his clothes and tied standing to a post; gagged with a leather and rubber pecker gag, his tight smooth body is quickly wound with rope to increase his sense of helplessness. It isn't long before his one eyed worm stirs and stiffens to attention. He's rewarded with more rope around his cock and balls making sure the blood pumping into his cock doesn't go anywhere.

Clothespins are applied to his nipples and tied across the room to stretch his nipples out. His cock receives similar treatment from a small noose around the base of his glans. David is now ready for milking.

An antique vibrating hand-massager is tied to the underside of his cock, butting up to his tightening scrotum so his swelling balls get stimulated too. A simple blindfold provides some sensory deprevation so David can focus on the sensation of his genitals being coaxed to orgasm as he writhes in bondage, the ropes biting into his muscles the more he struggles.

Soon his moans and heavy breathing are echoing in the small space, quickening to the inevitable crescendo of desperate cries as a warm sticky load of cum spurts across the room. Even the "trickle" his spasming prostate squeezes out at the end of his orgasm is thick and ropey, clinging to the still buzzing vibrator. Before David can recover his breath or even enjoy the the endorphin rush post-coistus, the clothespins are pulled off to muffled howls from behind the gag and he slumps exhausted and literally drained against the ropes.

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