David, 40 years old, 6' 2", 185lbs.

He is a runner and aerobic instructor. A native of the Martinique Islands.

Came to the Bay area for a visit on a week end and to relax, he just finished using the spa and he sat down on the chair relaxing and dozing off when a slight bump on the head in the right place did the job that was intended to do and he was a bite for pleasure.

A rope was secured around his arms, a blindfold on his eyes just in case and a gag on his mouth before he wakes up and surprises himself in a noisy manner. As he began to wake up, he heard a whisper on the ear, ?get up and follow directions without a noise out of you?.

David was led to the work room and placed on the slant board on his back. He was tied tightly against the board.
He was disrobed slowly revealing a well developed chest and a good set of legs with veins all over the surface of the skin. His hands were tied around the board and the ropes removed from his chest, then, his hands were retied up to the sides in an upward position, this position gave a great site to his exposed hairy armpits. Blindfolded and legs tied to the side of the room and his feet tied together. His cock laid flaccid against his leg with a great deal of foreskin.
More ropes were tied around his chest so he could not move his torso exposing his pits even more inviting to be teased, licked and whatever came to mind at the time.

Two virgin nipples were waiting to be worked on as well.

David?s foreskin was slowly pulled back exposing a great cock head then, his balls were tied together and stretched down to his feet. A vibrator was used on his nipples and stretched cock head. He was moaning and stretching his entire body as much as the ropes will allow him to do so and sweat began to pour from his chest and pits.

David was removed from the board, repositioned and tied on the vertical member of the cross. More ropes secured him tightly against the post. Nipples clamped, balls stretched by ropes connected to his uncles, blindfolded and gagged, he could do nothing but wait for what was to come next and torture more of his exposed body in a sensual way.
A mean vibrator was tied and attached to his entire cock, then, slowly the show begun as the vibrator begun to do his work on his exposed cock. First the slow impulses of the vibration begun to tease and then the fast mode was turn on. What a site, moaning, thrashing and making noises like asking for the apparatus to be turned off. No way, the show had to go on and the result was after 7 minutes of this torture, an incredible orgasm was the result that bathed the vibrator itself, as he stretched to the limit of the give of the ropes.

The vibrator continued its work bringing more juice our of David until he practically collapsed on his bonds.

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