Ed, 35 years old, 5'11", 160lbs.

Sexy Ed was very intrigued by the ad for models to enhance a bondage website. He came prepared to say "Maybe" and 'I'll think about it" Once he saw part of the website, Ed jumped out of the chair and said 'let's go."

He sat on a chair and his shoes were removed then his hands tied to the back of the chair and slowly his s hirt was pulled upward. His pants were taken down to his under shorts, showing a bulge that was intriguing. A rope was tied around his cock and balls and lifted to a hook in the ceiling.

Blindfolded and legs tied apart, he was made to stand and tied to the hook on the ceiling with his hands up over his head.

Bushy and sweaty armpits.

His balls were tied to descend to the bottom of the scrotum, then tied to the bar separator and left like this in a squatting position for about 20 minutes. Every time he tried to straighten his legs, Ed pulled hard on his balls. The armpits got sweaty and smelling like a man in distress, giving the opportunity to test his endurance. His balls were tied with additional rope and pulled to the back wall as much as his legs would allow. By this time, Wed was moist and smelly so much that torturing the pits was needed. Clothes pins were attached to the sweaty pits making Ed hiss and moan a lot.

After a nice 40 minutes of this endurance test, he was let down and made to sit on the chair. Needless to say, Ed was tired and in no form to fight back. His hands were tied apart once more and his cock and balls tied in different directions, as he pulls one way, he pulls on his cock and balls.

Blindfolded, gagged, and tits pinched by clothes pins, vibrators were used on his erect member and every time Ed was close to cumming, the vibrator was stopped. After seven times, he finally shot like a wild volcano and his throat was yelling with pleasure over the gag. Later, Ed admitted that this was one great orgasm like he never had before.

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