Jared, 53 years old, 5' 9", 170lbs.

Jared's nipple nightmare begins in earnest. His wife-beater is snipped at the tits to give direct access to his ultra-sensitive nipples. An electric toothbrush is used to further sensitize his nipples before the infamous Japanese clover-leaf tit-clamps take a big bite into his nipples. The slightest tug on the chain pulls a deep growling moan out of that broad chest. It's a good thing he's well bound in that chair, Jared reacts to the torture with full body flinches.

The gag is taken out and his tender nipples get twisted painfully as the chain is put in Jared's mouth. This makes for a brutual bondage/torture endurance position: as his neck muscles start to burn and ache, the temptation is to lift his head but to do so would send shooting pain into his already tender nipples. The electric toothbrush is applied to the pinched nipples to make the bound muscle stud moan and drool around the ball gag.

Jared's breathing changes rhythm, quickening and shortening as pain from his neck and shoulders competes with the cruel, painful and relentless bite of the tit clamps on his nipples. Like a trapped animal, Jared's instinct is to thrash in his bonds and try to break free but movement will just intensify the tension on the clover-leaf clamps that tighten as the chain is tugged.

Finally, the clamps are removed... anyone who's used clamps or clothes pins on nipples knows they hurt more coming off than when they're on. These have been on for a good twenty mintures and they were excrutiating coming off. After a roar of pain, Jared is left panting and must find his second wind for the next phase of his nipple nightmare. Notice the wet spot still growing on his crotch.

Join us for the intense conclusion when the forcep clamps are broken out.

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