Jared, 53 years old, 5' 9", 170lbs.

Muscle stud Jared steels himself for the final phase of his nipple nightmare. Stripped to the waist, he's bound blindfolded and bit-gagged to the chair. His nipples are sensitized again with the electric toothbrush before a pair of forceps clamps are applied to his nipples. As each forceps clamp is locked in place, Jared roars in pain and struggles futilely in his bondage.

Both the weight and pressure of the clamps are a constant reminder to the bound muscle stud of his agony. A constant stream of deep moans barely gets past the bit gag. Those meaty pecs get further abuse from a series of clothes pins. Once they're in place, firm massage on his pecs draws a long pained yelp from Jared as the line of pinched skin and flesh gets tugged. Soon Jared is delirious from the excrutiating pain, he resigns himself to his ordeal, moaning and drooling past his gag.

The final humiliation for Jared is having his pants opened and his cock and balls fished out for abuse. His cock is milked to erection and his moans of pain blend with those of forced pleasure. Just as his arousal begins to mitigate the pain from his abused pecs, his sensitive glans and balls are buzzed with the electric toothbrush, quickly squelching his relief.

Before Jared is released, he has to endure one last agony: the removal of the clamps and clothes pins. Under the pressure of the tools of torture, Jared's nerves eventually plateau and numb; releasing the pinched flesh reawakens the nerves in a sudden shocking rush and flood of pain. You can imagine the decibel level of his howls as you examine the welts left behind on his pecs.

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