Bodybuilder and trainer. 6'1", 180lbs

Straight as a rock and very personal with ladies.

He was working out in a gym and I decided to approach him to see if he would be amenable to pose for a nude picture portfolio of himself.

Great hesitation at first but as the conversation went on and the work out continue, Jason decided to give it a try.

When Jason showed up, he was dressed very elegantly, He was shown different ways of posing and suddenly he said, ? What is that? to a picture of a guy tied up. As the interview progressed, more pictures of guys tied up were shown to him, Jason was asked if he like to be tied up, The response was I do not know and I don?t think so, yet when offered to see the room where guys got tie-up, he agreed.

As he was sat down on the chair next to the whipping post, the first ropes begin to encircle his body, there was very little response of any feed back, the next thing was that Jason decided it was not his thing and rather pass the opportunity, so Jason dressed and left with a smile in his face.

Suddenly two days later the phone rung and it was Jason on the phone asking if he could pose for a straight portfolio and would not mind posing nude for it.

It was then agreed for him to show up with casual clothing and lose fitting shirt.

As he came in to the computer room, I decided to show him some pictures of different posses for the portfolio.

Jason sat on the chair in front of the computer, and as he was seeing the information on posing, I decided to try to tie him up. He was asked to remove his shirt and was told that the first pictures were of him sitting down.

I went behind him and took a rope and pulled his hands behind the chair and slowly proceeded to tie him up.

He asked, ?what are you doing? and he got no response as he was secured and tied to the chair.

More ropes encircled his body and slowly his pants and shoes were removed, his own T shirt was used to cover his face, at this time, a nice sex movie of a man and a woman was put on the screen. The response was great, the sounds of sex and moaning of a female participant begun to take effect consequently, his nipples were massaged and his body was sensually caressed as more ropes finished securing him tightly to the chair. Two small but strong clamps were attached to each nipple and massaged again, ropes around his balls were added, a rope was tied to the base of his cock and passed by the crack his ass pressing on the perinea keeping the blood in the shaft engorging all nerve endings for a very slow massaging of the head. The head of his dick was then tied for the first time and stretched to a piece of furniture across the room. Jason was going crazy, He moved his hips to speed up the motion, no avail, the motion was slower yet, trashed his head from side to side, and the torturous hand moved very slowly over the shaft shifting from the balls to the shaft. Until finally as slow as the hand moved over the cock, the white lava begun to flow in spite of the ropes encircling his cock. The motion over his cock did not stop and finally Jason slumbered in his bonds knowing that his helplessness was at the mercy of someone else.

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