Javier, 33 years old, 6'1", 180 lb.

Javier is half Spanish and English. Dirty blond with a light complexion, his cock is cut and thick and he sports large size balls. Another respondant from the ad in the SF Weekly, this guy an artist that designs cement blocks and retaining walls. He is a very good person to tie up and tease.

Once he is restrained, he is like a lion in a cage. I started by tying his hands and feet which gave him a hard on. I lightly touched his pits and rib cage, he moaned and frankly, hissed loudly sagging in his bonds. Then I tied his cock and balls and started to masturbate him. In the beginning, he made no sound, then his chest began to show signs of breathing hard and I knew I could get more out of him.

I tied a vibrator to his cock and turned on the juice. He jumped and began to squirm, His cock got harder and I knew soon he would be ready to cum. I stopped and attached clothes pins to his tits. He moaned from the pinching grip of the clothes pins, then I started up the vibrator again and he jumped again, this time, I let the juice go on and he came six feet up in the air, screamed loud enough to wake the sleeping cats around the house and I sat there enjoying the scene.

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