Javier, 33 years old, 6' 1", 180lbs.

Javier is back for more, he's sporting a fuller scruff of facial hair but he hasn't forgotten the earth-shaking orgasm he had the last time. He was very eager to experience it again, quickly stripped down to nothing he's tied up to the post with his arms overhead and legs spread - a classically vulnerable and exposed position.

Clothes pins are clamped to his nipples to start his engine running and his balls are wrapped with twine to stretch them out. A black ball-gag is used to shut him up, he was moaning the moment the clothes pins were on his sensitive nipples.

His moans intensify as his nipples and arm-pits are stimulated with an electric toothbrush. A blindfold makes him even more vulnerable now that he's had his initial taste of sensory torture. Now he won't be able to brace himself for the next attack on his body since he can't see it coming. His imagination and anticipation merely fuels his hardon and arousal. He has no idea what the next diabolical torture will involve...

A vibrating massager is tied to his engorged penis wit ha leather thong and also attached to the clothes pins on his nipples. Once the massager is turned on, not only is his cock being stimulated but his nipples are also buzzing. Moans and struggle against the ropes intensifies until deja vu, Javier's cock erupts into another full body orgasm.

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