Jim, 39 years old, 6', 205lbs.

This side of beef last seen hanging from his feet gets his rocks off by having his nuts abused. Jim's Germanic ancestry asserts itself as his cock gets super hard the more abuse his balls take. Bent over in stocks, his balls are tied off and stretched taut behind him. His ass gets flogged and paddled before the vice grips are applied.

These vice grips are well suited for CBT, they are easily operated with just one hand. It's a very satisfying action squeezing the vice grip's handle and having the pressure translate to excrutiating pain on the victims balls.

This big muscle stud managed to strain the hasp on the stocks until it ripped out of the wood, so he was put in another more uncomfortable set of stocks as punishment and then he was slowly milked to orgasm as his genitals were buzzed by a high-frequency electric toothbrush.

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