Julian 170 lbs. And 31 years old.

Clamping his nipples and stretching them made his cock even hard and more rigid. Still no response from his body, except the moaning.

When a rope was tied to the head of his cock under the glands, gave him the first jolt of being erotically uncomfortable yet completely turn on by the sensation of his body and his vulnerability.
A very slow masturbation was applied to the 10 in. cock and it was slow, getting slower as the movements of his hips demanding to be faster and faster.

This teasing continued for about twenty minutes, Julian was sweating and asking to let him cum, no way, it had to be much longer, so finally Julian move his head from side to side and a loud grunt came out o his throat. The white lava shot 6 ft up in the air in spite of the ropes that were applied around his cock.

Julian was left there for another ten minutes, sweaty and exhausted.

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