Kevin, 38 years old, 5' 11", 185lbs.

Kevin is a landscaper who was looking for some extra cash when he responded to the ad in the paper. After chatting on the couch, putting him at ease, he soon allowed himself to be restrained with leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He seemed to enjoy the attention of the camera and didn't seem to be phased by the restraints.

Kevin was ordered to lie on the couch on his stomach and then his limbs were clipped into a 'hogtie' position. He seemed to enjoy struggling and flexing his arms, showing off the muscles built from many hard hours outdoors working on landscaping projects. For the foot-lovers out there, his feet were well displayed and vulnerable.

A smelly used jockstrap was stuffed into his mouth as a temporary gag and he was blindfolded before more intense tortures were performed on him. Ordered to roll onto his back, his shirt was ripped open and a rubber ball gag was substituted for the jockstrap. His nipples were the main target this time around. (Members will be able to see more tit-torture with tit-clamps on the Quicktime clips coming soon). A high-speed electric toothbrush is used on his sensitive nipples causing him to flinch and groan around the ball gag.

Tit torture continues with the electric toothbrush on Kevin's erect and sensitive nipples. He had to endure a good twenty minutes of abuse on his nipples, all the while straining in the hogtied position. When his angry grunts and groans had died down to a whimper, Kevin was repositioned standing up still blindfolded and gagged. What would you like to do to him next?

Stay tuned for Quicktime clips of Kevin.

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