Leroy, 38 years old, 6' 3", 185lbs.

A crosscountry ski instructor and martial arts teacher, Leroy is very much straight and married but has been turned on by the idea of being tied up by another man and taken advantage of sexually. The ad in the paper was all the prompting he needed to finally fullfill his fantasy.

A good glass of wine helped put him at ease as he allowed himself to be tied to a chair and his clothes were removed exposing a defined hairy torso. T make him feel even more vulnerable, his arms were stretched up and tied above his head exposing his busy armpits.

As soon as his balls were tied and stretched, his uncut cock began to swell and plump up like an Oscar Meyer hotdog. The torture began with an electric toothbrush applied to his balls and the head of his dick. It wasn't long before a steady stream of pre-cum was drooling out of his cock.

A quick change of arm position put his chest out where his nipples were ripe for abuse. Clothespins were applied to his nipples and used to pull them taut. The head of his cock was lassoed and stretched as well; any attempts to struggle in his bondage brought immediate pain from his stretched extremeties - a very effective method of immobilizing a victim.

The slow milking process elicited moans and hisses from behind the rubber ball gag in his mouth. The milking continued at an excrutiatingly slow but steady pace. His whole body would tense and arch in frustration, and he would forget that his nipples were secured and would cause them to be tugged painfully as he struggled against the ropes.

The inevitable eruption was accompanied by an animal howl that soon turned to desperate whimpering as his spent and super sensitive cock continued to be milked. When it was finally over, Leroy was completely spent and slumped in exhaustion.

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