Michael A, 45 years old, 5' 10", 160lbs.

Michael is back for more torment, this time in the form of some tit torture. With his feet spread apart by a stout spreader bar and his arms chained overhead, his nipples are subjected to cruel Japanese clover-leaf tit-clamps. These ingenious and diabolical tit clamps are designed to get tighter the harder the chain connecting them is pulled.

For yo foot fiends out there, we're captured some nice closeups of Michael's feet, as well as thrown in a little foot-on-balls action. Notice the gleaming pearl of pre-cum on Michael's cock as the bondage and torture arouse him.

The simple blindfold is replaced by a bishop head harness with its leather pecker gag locked tightly in place. A posture collar keeps Michael's head from drooping as he endures a prolonged session in bondage... those nipples have gone numb by now, but never fear, removing them will cause him excrutiating pain!

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