Michael A, 45 years old, 5' 10", 160lbs.

Michael is back with a load he needed worked out of him. With Michael bound in stocks, his cock and balls are easily accessible for abuse. His balls are pulled tight, resulting in a raging boner that showed no sign of flagging throughout the session. A row of clothespins only encourages Michael's cock to produce a steady stream of pre-cum.

An electric toothbrush is used to add to the torment of his genitals, the intense high-speed vibrations of the bristles graze the taut skin of his scrotum then dig in deeper so his aching testicles experience the concentrated hornets' nest buzz.

Michael's ripe cockhead isn't neglected either, the brush is applied to the lips of his piss slit and whips his precum into a foaming lather. Every nerve on every square inch of his shaft and sac is overloaded by the buzzing bristles, and his winking asshole isn't ignored either.

Eventually the inevitable happens and Michael blows a copious load when the clothespins are removed and his cock is milked to orgasm.

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