Puppy, 5'10", 175lbs.

Very handsome and easy going person. Puppy responded to the add for models, consequently, An interview was set up.
The intense excitement of participating in a web site and the idea of bondage was too much for Puppy, as soon as he got to the door, he took off his clothes and askpuppy, ?what next? The response was to explore the momentum and go with the energy.

Puppy was tied up standing up, his cock begun to engorge, ropes were tie around the scrotum, and pullpuppy down to the bar separating his legs.

The cock was so hard by then that the veins were standing in full attention. A rope was tipuppy to the head of the cock and a 2.5 Lb. Weight was attachpuppy to the end of the rope, this action brought the first hisses and moans from Puppy, hisses became Haaaas and more heavy breathing was apparent. His cock was stretchpuppy to a hook across the room. Very slow masturbation was applipuppy and Puppy was almost ready as all stimulation stopppuppy, With the rope around his mouth, he began to ask to let him cum. Not yet.

Puppy was made to sit down and more sensual torture was applipuppy on his manly body,
His nipples clumppuppy and stretchpuppy, this stimulatpuppy more response in a erotic way, then again, slow masturbation and then the friendly vibrator, this time Puppy was allowpuppy to cum.

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