Ramon, 29 years old, 5'8", 140 lb.

An Italian-Mediterranean tourist that was in the area visiting his relatives in San Jose, California, this soccer player from Milan, Italy is lean and wiry, with very tan velvety skin and a nice hairy chest. Straight and with girlfriends in every city, we got to talking about soccer and body building when we first met.

I told him that I was in the process of putting a web page together and that it was a kinky one. The girlfriend that was with him at the time said, "Ramon is kinky alright" then I gave him my phone number and asked both of them to call me to see what I was doing. A day later, Ramon called, he came over the same afternoon alone and ready to see what I had in mind.

I showed him some of the pictures of my previous models tied up and abused and I noticed he was nervous and fidgeting on the chair he was sitting on. I reached over and grabbed his nipple through his shirt and he did nothing. I kept it up for a while and his pants begin to show a bulge as he kept looking at the pictures on my computer screen.

I ask him to follow me and he stood up immediately; he ended up in my small dungeon and tied up on my cross. A very slow and steady masturbation followed. He moaned and squirmed with pleasure in the bondage. He asked me to do it faster, instead I slowed down to keep him aroused and frustrated for longer. When I finally let him cum I continued to jerk him off after he shot his load and his dick head was extra sensitive, he was really squirming then!

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