Ramsey, 25 years old.
Bodybuilder and Trainer.

Thinking of a straight stud that is turned on to the bondage scene. Here is Ramsey

When he answered the add for models in the local paper, Ramsey thought that bondage was just a job to do and have some exposure for a modeling career, Ramsey never expected that as soon as the ropes touched is body, his cock would engorge to the NINE inches + that hung from that light pubic hair and hung in full attention.

Ramsey was tied standing up and the tighter the ropes the more he mentioned that he was enjoying being tied up.

Very much a sensual and erotic man as the final moments came after Ramsey was tided upright to the post and his genitals pulled forward making him arch his entire body exposing his nipples and entire torso to a visual feast.

Some slapping of his beautiful ass was done as the orbs were tight and hard due to the position of his arched body.

Slowly Ramsey was masturbated to an orgasm that lasted long time.

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