Sneakers 6'0" 175 lbs. 35 years old.
Bodybuilder and Trainer.

Sneakers likes to body build and having him as a friend, he was candidate to introduce him to the bondage scene.
One afternoon, Sneakers was invited to see the work room and the parade of good looking men in bondage that has participated in the web site. Sneakers sat in front of the computer and was shown the models in all forms of bondage, he was fascinated but nervous.
Suddenly, he found himself with plastic cuffs around his wrists and still Sneakers insisted in looking at the pictures in the computer.
Sneakers was led to the work room and blindfolded, he did not know that the set up was ready for his sensual torture.
He was tied standing up against a pole that had a number of hooks behind in order to secure him and slowly take his clothing off, That is just what was done, first his T shirt pulled upwards to reveal a pair of pectoral muscles that are crowned with very sensitive and sensual nipples.
The rest is there in pictures to see how many forms and positions Sneakers was tied, All this time, He had a very submissive look until finally the slow masturbation got started after having him sat on a chair with his hands bound behind the chair and the post. Sneaker could not move and by the time he was allowed to cum. The energy was just bursting out of his groin.
He came in rivers of white lava that bathed his legs and the floor.
Sneakers wants to come back.
Do you want him back?

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