Tony, 31 years old, 5' 10", 178lbs.

Tony is a married straight man, curious about sensual bondage... there seem to be a lot of them out there. He's also an aspiring bodybuilder, hence his shaved pubes. He came over and perused some of our previous sessions on the computer; with his courage fortified by the wine, he was lead into the studio and told to shuck his tanktop and flex.

He's tied down to the steel frame, his track pants pulled off and his tattered underwear stripped off too. Blindfolded, his cock and balls are cinched up with rope; the handling of his genitals during the process seems to have started his erection stirring... With his balls tugged earthward and his cockhead pulled firmly skyward, Tony starts to squirm in his bonds.

Soon enough his cock is subjected to various vibrators and his nipples get a taste of tit-clamps, slowly screwed tight. A firm hand with a palm slicked with lube helps encourage his hardon. A vibrator is applied until he's almost cresting the edge into orgasm; almost but not quite, as the vibrator is pulled away to let him calm down a little. The vibrator is reapplied just as his hardon starts to soften, the cycle continues for almost half an hour before the cumulative arousal carries him over the edge into volcanic orgasm.

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