Tony, 31 years old, 5' 10", 178lbs.

Tony returns for some more tight bondage and abuse.

After few moths of letting natural hair grow, Tony called and came eager to find out more about bondage and erotic play. He got what he wanted. Hehe.

After removing his shirt, Tony was bound standing up later on to untie him and bind his had above his head. As this was done, it was noticeable the hair begin to grow back on his body giving him a very masculine appearance, therefore all advantage was taken to display the newest discovery.

His hands tied up and disrobed of all clothes, he look vulnerable to whatever needed to be done to him to stimulate him to a climax in a slow and teasing manner. His feet tied and separated by a bar, his balls tied and distended to the end of his sac to be connected to the bar making him squat and hiss a little. Then his balls got shifted stretched to a hook on the wall making him lean forward revealing his musculature in a very inviting way.

More to come...

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