Victor 6'2" 179 lbs. 25 years old.

Victor is a lineman for a local phone company.  He came as a result of adding a line to the office at work as the computer was editing the latest bondage photos of the new model.

Victor was doing his work glancing at the screen from time to time and noticeable uncomfortable.
He was asked if the images being edited made Him uncomfortable, Victor said ?That is pretty good education for me?.

He was asked if he would try and he said, ?Oh no.?

The conversation went from politics back to pose for the website this time for money.
At this point, Victor?s eyes lid up and said, ?maybe?. This was the opportunity that could not be passed.

So, Victor was asked to see the workroom and sat on the chair and begun to see what was in the agenda for him to experience for the first time. From the computer to the workroom and from there, this 100% straight hunk was prey to experience something new.

His hands were tied behind his back sitting on the chair.
Victor did not wanted to have his face shown so blindfolds and face coverings were part of his experience.

More to come!

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