Victor 6'2" 179 lbs. 25 years old.

There was very little response at the beginning, but when the balls and cock begin to be tied and manipulated, the response was very rewarding.  His clothing was slowly taken off and the surprise of a flaccid and thick, 9 ? shaft was wonderfully displayed.

Victor cramps easy and different positions had to be tried until the one position he was more comfortable was standing up tightly secured against the frame and no were to go. After all, this was his first experience and it had to be, a sensual torture more than any thing else.  A vibrator was tied to his cock; this was a very sensual and almost torturous experience because as he was getting close to cum, the vibrator stopped. Then started again and again, for at least 6 times. Victor was hissing and moving his head from side to side.

Then, a slow hand job and a good head made things more exiting as the slower it was administered, the more Victor wanted to explode and the slower the action on his cock was done, made Victor go crazy in his bonds.

Finally, it was time to see this hunk erupt, Victor strained against his bonds and let go with a very strong and loud grunt, the hand job continued after the eruption and his body?s contortions were very strong, finally, his cock was emptied from every drop it could hold and Victor sagged in his bonds tired and exhausted.

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