Vince 5'11" 180 lbs. And 31 years old.

Vince came as a result of an add for models in the local paper. Vince experimented with bondage sometime ago and he wanted to try more sensuality and eroticism while tied up.
As he was exposed to the bondage site, he was very excited to try and expand his horizons.
Vince was tied sitting on a chair and the more ropes around his torso and arms, the more the excitement.
Vince?s pants slowly were removed to expose a set of balls that asked to be tied and teased. The moment he felt nude, a blindfold was placed on his eyes so he will not see what was to happen next.
Vince?s balls were tied and separated pulling them to the bar below the chair, then connected to his toes.
His legs were tied tight against the frame of the chair and more ropes around his torso, at this point. Vince was immobile.
His nipples are sensitive therefore, clamps were attached to each pink orb and Vince ended taking deep breaths to stand the pressure. All this time, Vince?s cock got harder and harder.
His cock was next. At the base of the shaft, a rope was tied tight and the lose ends passed around the tied balls and under the perinea pushing on the area trapping more blood in the shaft itself.
Now the sensitive and engorged cock head.
A rope was tied to the head of the cock and connected to a hook in the ceiling from there, a weight was attached to the end of the rope so if he moved, the weight pulled on the head of the engorged cock.

More to come!

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