Julian 170 lbs. And 31 years old.

An Argentinean dancer, totally straight and very masculine attitude.

Julian needed to be persuaded to try the ropes for the first time, more than the ropes, for Julian, the idea of having another man take control of his situation while he was defenseless and vulnerable was very difficult.

Never the less, Julian was curious and with a little persuasion, he agreed to give it a try.
Julian was sitting on a chair in the workroom exploring with his eyes the ropes around him when he was asked to sit perfectly comfortable, the first ropes were applied to his torso and hands. After the first ropes were applied to his body, Julian closed his eyes and he knew that he was prey for an experience that he never had before.

Sitting down, his clothes begin to come out of his body to leave him tied up wearing nothing but his underwear.

His underwear was pull down to reveal a very nice cock ready to be teased and tormented.
His shorts were cut off. And the exploring began.

After covering Julian?s face with a piece of cloth, the teasing and massaging of the exposed member gave Julian an erection.

Tying up the cock and balls made him harder and he begin to hiss and moan.

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